Apr 20, 2019

The return of the Man Lady.

So, the Account Director at work who a friend at work has named the Man Lady because of her mien (and unfortunately he hits these things on the mark) returned a week or two ago.

She had had an accident of sorts and had been absent and working from home for a prolonged period of time. I wondered why work had been so subdued of late but upon her return things changed once more and not for the better.

We had a meeting this week and at one point I was looking out the window during the meeting almost on the verge of tears because of the insufferable stupidity of the whole thing. There is nothing quite like someone having a ‘come to Jesus’ moment about a problem you’ve alerted them to or even the company about before the person in question ever started.

That’s what my life is like.

Honestly, there’s just no winning. Beyond that, there’s a real sense of someone who has arisen to that point talked about in the Peter Principle or maybe just the fact that someone is a true bullshit artist who is in over their head.

Anyway, the meeting was about creating something out of whole cloth we should not in fact take the responsibility for and it was in reaction to something another vendor provided. True leaders always react, right?

I can’t run away from this situation fast enough. Seriously I’m in the process right now of doing a cost/benefit analysis of the situation...

Yeah, more crap about ‘the account.’

There are these regular team meetings... they happen every two weeks or so and after that painful meeting the next time I went into one of these things I sat away from the table behind someone (between me and Man Lady) and didn’t offer up anything.

I’m more than a little tired of other people taking credit for my ideas or better still being dismissed by Man Lady. If you don’t want my opinion or want to hear what I have to say then don’t have me in your fucking meeting unless you crave an audience and want applause for your next stupid utterance. 

After that in the two or three months since I haven’t been in any of these meetings.

Either I’ve been too busy and been able to beg off because I’m working on other accounts or there really isn’t much of a need for one since there won’t be an audience anymore.

I’m kind of waiting now for the other shoe to drop here.

Two months back they fired an account person high up on the food chain, there wasn’t a need and I have to think the same thing will be happening to Man Lady before too long. She was out for two plus months and things ran fine without her. Not only that they have four account people on the thing and not so much work to warrant all those people. Two people on site (one for each division), an account person and Man Lady... the flow of work from the account is down to a trickle and Man Lady isn’t doing the selling she should be doing as it is.

I watched recently as a new CEO was in the office and Man Lady waited patiently to kiss some ass. It was really appalling on one level but even raucous ass kissing can’t save you when the numbers aren’t there.

I’ve avoided this person like the plague, I mean really. And the funny thing is that she still has to come over and act out to try and get my attention and engage me but I’VE ESCAPED!

So, watching the crash coming is something to see and I figure it will happen before the year is out because you just can’t make that kind of salary with nothing to show for it no matter how much ass you kiss.

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